Cwa Agreement with Murphy

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CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement with Murphy Oil USA

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) announced on April 16, 2021, that it had reached a tentative five-year collective bargaining agreement with Murphy Oil USA, which operates refining and marketing businesses in the United States. The agreement covers about 1,100 workers represented by CWA Local 4900 in Meraux, Louisiana, and Local 7108 in Superior, Wisconsin.

According to the CWA statement, the proposed contract includes wage increases, improved job security, and enhanced benefits for the workers. The contract also contains provisions related to workplace safety, training, and diversity and inclusion. The full details of the tentative agreement have not been released pending ratification by the union members and approval by the company.

The CWA praised the bargaining team and the members for their solidarity and resilience in achieving a fair contract amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic uncertainty in the oil and gas industry. The union also acknowledged the support of elected officials and community allies who voiced their solidarity with the workers and urged Murphy Oil to bargain in good faith.

The CWA represents over 700,000 workers across the United States in various sectors, including telecommunications, media, airlines, healthcare, public services, and manufacturing. The union advocates for better wages, working conditions, and rights for workers, as well as for democratic and progressive policies that benefit all people.

The Murphy Oil agreement is the latest example of how unions can still make a difference in securing tangible gains for their members, even in challenging times. The pandemic has exposed the structural inequities and vulnerabilities of the U.S. labor market, as well as the need for stronger collective action and social solidarity. As more workers seek to assert their rights and dignity, unions can help to empower them and build a more just and sustainable economy.